Do restrictions work?

Sunday October 3rd 2021 COVID-19 has changed our lives, I think we can all agree with that simple statement, no matter what your personal opinion on this pandemic might be, it has changed our lives and world. Here in Ontario we have now seen four surges in new case counts, and we have endured three provincial lockdowns in eighteen months, but we seem to be avoiding another lockdown for now, […]

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September’s Windshield View

September 30th 2021 September the 1st and we are still in site #217 at LHR (Lake Huron Resort), and the sunshade is still stretched across the windshield. So this photo was taken of a storm rolling in off of Lake Huron, the park was under a severe thunderstorm warning as well as a tornado watch, while we did get some pea sized hail, wind and rain were all that we […]

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