April Fools….or not!

Well all I can say is that the best intentions can be derailed by the smallest things. It has been an unbelievable winter in LaBelle Florida, this is the longest we have stayed in one location (four months), I discovered pickle ball, we have made and lost some great new friends (rest in piece Joe), got a lot of use from our kayaks with many adventures, many days in the pool, good food, good drinks (Brandy Alexander’s – thanks Butch) and last but not lease GREAT friends.

Today is a special day in camp by the end of today sixty rigs will have left in the last few days, we will be able to officially see Bob and Shari’s coach across the lake. We have another week to prepare for our departure, I have started washing the coach roof which is definitely in need of it, just can’t talk my self into paying someone ten dollars a foot to wash and wax it…my Scottish back ground won’t allow it.

We are heading back home a little quicker than expected as we have a work camping job for the season co-managing a campground with another couple and we need to start April 23. Hoping to visit friends and family before starting, so we are aiming to be in the Niagara area around the 15th heading to our job on the 22nd.

So you can see there are a lot of thing to explain and report on, and as many of you know Laurie has keep everyone one up to date on our Facebook page, but we have discovered that many friends are not Facebook users for various reasons, so we are going to start a blog, to keep everyone updated, I will try to post regularly but life will control how often, I had created this blog a few months ago with great intentions, so we will see what happens.