The Roof

Yesterday was roof washing day, to say it was in need of a good cleaning would be a gross understatement, around the air units, under the solar panels, and under the Traveler (our mounted satellite dish) were almost black because of the moisture from the dew and the dust from being a reasonably new campground (lack of grass between sites) as well as the condensation from the air conditioners made it quite a mess. Nothing a couple of hours and a little elbow grease couldn’t take care of. Only major problem all that dirty water has run down the sides of the coach so now I need to wash the sides of the coach in fact I got the drivers side done in the afternoon, really need to put some wax on the coach as well, but I don’t see it happening before the trip back.

Was a busy day with many rigs pulling out, we spent the a few hours in the pool, with a adult beverage or two watching the exodus, thinking how busy the highways will be and having seen all the photos of the fresh snow back in Ontario glad we are a week away from heading north. I have started to prepare by getting the tow bar mounted on Sport-Trac and the lights all set up, I replaced all the pool noodles on the kayak rack after a busy year with many excursions they were starting to fall apart.

Made our way around the lake for cocktails with the Bannon’s after dinner (hot turkey sandwiches) one of my favourites, Bob and Shari now are our only friends left on the lake, played a few games of euchre (was not my night!), got a text from the Wards they have made it to Kentucky, only three, thirty minute traffic delays so Butch and Betty will be home safe and sound in Ohio tomorrow with any luck.

Started to send out some invitations to the blog yesterday so we are seeing some being accepted, and I know some people are on the road traveling so it could be a day or two before I hear back, I’m sure it’s not because they don’t want to see what we’re up to.