Planning planning and more planning

Not to say that I may be a procrastinator but things always seem to sneak up on us like departure dates, so now is the scramble to get things ready for trek north for the summer, preparation for the new work camping job, as well as planning a few adventures before we depart as well as maybe a bourbon tasting or two on the way north. So with rain in the forecast this week Laurie has picked Wednesday as the day for her last beach adventure, and Lovers Key State park is the beach of choice. And it appears that Thursday will be the day Dish converts our traveler over from Direct, this will give much better reception during the summer and will allow for a second receiver that will incorporate a PVR. We are expecting three more packages from Amazon this week, I finally ordered the 12 volt box fan that should help on those warm days when boon-docking, will do a report when we receive it and have had a chance to try it. Laurie is planning Easter with her brother and family, hope to visit friends in Niagara on the way through, and I will try and set up a visit on the 22nd with my brothers and sister in Woodstock on our way to our work camping job on Lake Huron as we need to start there on the 23rd to prepare the park for opening on May the third….so a busy month ahead of us.

As we still continue to battle with internet connections, even with the park this empty the internet is still is crap, after 18 months of full timing it is still the most difficult to get figured out, and as I start to put my thoughts together for the review of this park it will be a negative as well as cellular service has been poor in this area of the park, not the parks fault but neither Verizon or AT&T have more than one bar most days, unless your up at 4 am but I find people don’t want to talk at that time of the day….just saying. And streaming or downloading or working on a cloud based system is almost impossible, even regular online banking and paying bills has become a major undertaking, so some sort of cellular booster may be an addition to the equipment rooster.

Managed to wash the passenger side and rear of the coach, because the rain only consisted of about 25 rain drops, not even enough to wet the pavement. Spent a couple of hours at the pool, it’s like having you own private pool, only about six people there today 4 Canadians 1 Floridian and one from Ohio – go Buckeyes just a small shout out for Butch. Burnt my fingers trying to get the heat shrink to seal the wiring repair for the toed, these are the wires I managed to chew up on the first day of our trip to Newfoundland last summer, before I replaced the ball assembly with the large drop. Hey it only took 9 months, please refer to first paragraph. But other than packing to move I have shortened my todo list quite a bit this week