Busy preparing for departure

The todo list for today:

Upgrade our satellite system to improve our entertainment ability with the switch of our traveler from Direct to Dish and the addition of a second receiver that will record selected programs for later viewing

Check – traveler switched to a Dish system, the new receiver with the ability to record two programs as we are watching live tv, should add to our viewing pleasure and allow us to see that 10 o’clock shows which are past my bed time….lol

Sanitize and flush the fresh water tank, we will be on the road for over a week on the trek north, so need to have it all clean and sparkly

Check – have added chlorine to the fresh water system, flushed it through all drinking lines, topped fresh water tank and drained, will now refill the fresh water tank for the trek north next week. Our objective is to get a chlorine concentration on 50 – 100 parts per million which is strong enough to sanitize the system and then flush and dilute the chlorine level to no more than chlorinated drinking water. And of course we run all our drinking or cooking water through our Berkey to remove the chlorine and fluoride.

Start packing the Sport-Trac, kayak rack, kayaks, scuba gear, tools, etc.

Partial Check – Installed the newly noodled kayak racks, replaced the thumb knobs with new nuts that I could tighten to avoid any shifting on the roof rack crossbars, then loaded the kayaks and strapped them to the racks. I also got the Mickey Mouse lamps placed on the cab roof, because we carry our bicycles on the hitch of the Sport-Trac and they partially cover the tail lights so we have a pair on the cab in the name of safety. Also swept the truck box to remove the sand and had started with the scuba gear until we got a little liquid sunshine which has put the rest of the day on hold.

Repair left rear fender mount – has worked it self loose

Start Thunder to build air and check everything for the 1600 mile (2500 km) trip north (this allows me to lift the left rear jack to repair fender)

And as things come out of the basement to be packed into the Sport-Trac I can start packing the basement, it becomes an easy but precious operation of what fits and goes where with the first items needed going in last and the most important items always accessible.