It’s Friday!

The day really makes no difference, but with our departure date on Monday seemed like a good day to enjoy breakfast with the Bannon’s at Two Peas, (a little breakfast and lunch place in a strip mall in LaBelle) the food was excellent and the service was top notch as well. They make home made pies so that could be on for lunch tomorrow. Probably should have taken a photo of my biscuits and gravy with grits, but I was hungry and by the time I thought of it the plate was pretty much clean…

At breakfast Bob and I decided we should get out for another round of golf while we’re still in the warm weather, so we booked Copperhead golf course in Lehigh not our favourite course but it had a one o’clock tee time available, so not a lot of packing going on today…..

Still working with this program, should be able to get those photos beside each other but I seem to be failing right now.

So the golf was a little slower than usual and a lot slower than we like so instead of being less than four hours we were real close to five which gave us too much time to enjoy a cold one or two on the course. Wasn’t our best rounds of the winter but we played pretty respectable, we were paired with a couple of fellas who are permanently Floridians now, one from Erie and the other from the New Jersey area not missing the cold and snow at all, and it wouldn’t be Florida without out an afternoon shower, but it didn’t last long or effect our play.

And because we won’t be back to Lehigh again any time soon it only seem right to stop at our favourite little bar “Em Jays” for a $6 pitcher of beer … well maybe two pitchers.