Sometimes it’s just going too good!

That drip is on the fresh water tank, not what I wanted to see today. This issue first came to light in November when we were boon-docking in the Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area in Florida, and at the time I stopped it with some gorilla tape the has held up till now. At the time resources where few and far between so when it worked I thought just let it be. Maybe the sanitizer weaken the bond the other day, what ever the reason it is leaking again.

This is a 380 litre / 100 gallon tank located between the frame rails of the chassis, and looks like it would be nearly impossible to remove as the area in front of the tank has a bracket holding the 2000 watt inverter welded in place. The kink looks like it has been there for sometime, possibly from the time of manufacture, no matter replacing it seems too difficult of option, so I will take another attempt to patch it. I have used a product called “Goop” to patch water leaks on glass washers when there are small holes so we will try this and see.

Well half a tube of Goop and a couple of hours of application upon application we seem to have stopped the leak. I think part of the cause of this leak is the amount of flex in the tank, although it has multiple supports when the tank is empty it does not rest on them but with it full it is fully supported on the cross bars. There is about 800 lbs of water in that tank so things are going to move.

Because we will be dry camping on the trek north we will need the tank full on departure to get us through the ten days. Well now back to the job of packing as we have picked up a couple of new chairs which we must find homes for as well as all the other regular equipment.