Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Last day of four months at Oak Grove RV Resort, temperature in the high 80’s (31C). Finish the packing is the only major task of the day, yesterday we started Rolling Thunder, repaired the rear fender mount, removed the tire covers and rinsed off the rims.

Folded the “Clam” and washed the rug from under the Clam, we always shifting items from compartment to compartment to gain more room, or make it easier at the next location to set up, or operate smoothly on short stays, what will be needed first and is it easily available. We do not expect to have a campsite until we are back across the boarder, so will not need chairs or the barbecue as we expect to stay at rest stops, Cracker Barrels, Walmart’s, Lowe’s, Pilot or the like for the next 10 days.

Our next reservation is at Fifty Point Conservation Park on the 18th of April, which is our go to park, it is close to friends and family, and with Easter being that weekend we can probably mooch a meal or two. Our trip north will take about eight days at two hundred miles a day so we have a couple of days to explore and with our shortened driving days we can unhook and explore most afternoons. This is a reason for trying to pack less in the Sport-Trac and with towing it four wheels down the unhook is less than five minutes and the reattach not much more.

So today should be a less stressful day, I suspect some pool time, a barbecued dinner, final laundry, last long hot shower, all those full hook up comforts that boon-docking eliminates……lol

It’s Sunday evening, and we are about 12 hrs from departure, we’re packed the Sport-Trac is ready, the bike rack installed and the bikes are loaded, in the morning we only have a few ends to tie up, final dumps, clean mirrors and windows, tire pressures, final slide and roof inspection, mount the ladder, and hooking up the toad. Laurie is close on the interior, our expectation is a 10 o’clock departure.

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