On the road again….

Well today, is the day, all systems are a go, the count down is on It is 5:30 and my favourite 22 year old kitty thinks he is hungry, oh well he will eat and I will watch the sunrise. About four hours from moving a wheel for the first time in 2019, we moved into this site before New Years officially our longest stay so far….but we are ready to start our next adventure, the trek north will be as long or longer than most of our vacations as a working stiff. The heat and humidity are starting to rise its 68 (20c) at 5:30 and 98% humidity, the forecast high 88 (31c) compared to our destination is 42 (6c) with 98% humidity and a forecast high of 61 (16c) so it is time. Not looking forward to the rain but we are looking forward to seeing spring.

Well it has been a big day 226 miles (364 Km) and not without some little pains, we are settled into a rest area by Ocala. It started with the shift mechanism that places the tow vehicle into neutral in the transfer case not switching properly with the indicator lamp not coming on, it is not clear if it an issue with the led warning lamp or a connection for the lamp. With that taken care of we stopped for lunch just north of Tampa and upon going to get back on the road the coach would not crank over….it acted as if the battery was discharged, but the voltage was 12.8 when I checked at the battery, when checking at the starter it dropped to less than 2.0 volts when trying to start….conclusion – bad connection between battery and starter solenoid. Booster cables solved the problem and we were able to start the coach and move another hour up the road, I may need to replace the main power cable but will try to get back to Ontario to make the repair as I was thinking of moving the chassis batteries which will need new cabling anyway. We will see tomorrow morning.

We just went through a major downpour, glad I was off the road, just watching the news and weather hoping we have a quiet evening, it is cooling off a little, Orlando hit 91 degrees today so it was a warm drive, have had dinner and just settling in.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s updates, should make it to Georgia tomorrow about 180 miles….

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