Cloudy Tuesday Morning

Well no interruptions during the night, other than the traffic, this rest area has three areas one for trucks, cars, and RV’s, with the RV parking being the furthest from the thruway. There are a few other overnighters and a couple of trucks but there is a lot of open spots, these spots are not real long so the transport trucks do not fit well neither do we with everything attached, but we picked an end spot so had trees and grass one side. We slept well and got up late it was after 7 o’clock when I put the coffee perk on and I can smell the coffee now, mmmm fresh perked coffee and could even be a little Irish Cream for sweetener……just saying

It is in the 70’s this morning and looks like cloudy and mid seventies all day with rain again in the afternoon, will be nice after the temperatures from yesterday. We refuelled at the Georgia border only took $127. of diesel, but because I had to boost the coach to start it this morning, I just left it running during the fuel stop. Stopped for lunch at the next rest area and I cleaned all the connections on the chassis batteries, the terminals are not the best but seems to be working for now and should get us back to Ontario for a scheduled summer repair. After lunch we have moved further in to Georgia to a rest area near Ashburn. Another big day for us, 210 miles and a number of little rain storms, now we are settled in I have dialed the satellite dish in so I can get the Masters pre-show and player interviews.

From the Solar system we only brought in 36 amp/hrs yesterday, reasons it was so low, we were plugged in till 10am, drove 226 miles during which the alternator carries any load in the coach as well as charged both chassis and coach batteries, we watched television for about six hours, we shut down the inverter at 10pm and watched the news this morning as well as used the toaster for breakfast. Our shut down amperage draw in between 2 and 3 amps which includes the fridge control board, smoke / propane detectors, our new led awning lamp control, and backlit gauges. We also had that heavy rain and a cloudy afternoon yesterday, so the solar system should bring in more today as we are getting sunny intervals between clouds and rain.

Our plan is to get through Atlanta tomorrow in time to watch the par 3 contest from the Masters, and the next couple days will be short as the first rounds of the Masters will be on.

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