Day 3 of the Trek North

Wow….261 miles today….but we started at 9am this morning so we could tackle Atlanta around noon. Haven’t been through Atlanta for more than 30 years, spent a lot of years going to the pan handle of Florida for vacations which either took us down I-65 or the I-285 bypass west of Atlanta, we had very lite traffic and experienced no stop and go through the City, other than regular fools that see the gap I have left and feel it was for them. We are near the Georgia / Tennessee boarder where we are spending this evening in a Cabela’s at Ringgold Georgia with only 5 RV parking spots should be a little quieter tonight. Last night was uneventful but a lot of truck noise as drivers stop and leave, we were lucky with another coach on one side and a flat bed on the other…yah…no refeer with the compressor kicking on and off!

On the Solar production we produced 121 amp/hrs yesterday as well as 210 miles of driving time and our coach batteries were at 80% this morning which is good after close to 7 hrs of television as well as regular light usage, and toast for breakfast this morning. Pretty good considering the rolling rain storms that we had yesterday afternoon and into thee evening, meaning a very warm evening in the coach.

Today was another warm day, but should get down to 60 this evening, did a little browsing in Cabela’s and picked up some items at the Costco next door, but not much because we had to carry it back to the coach. We did refuel today as well, only $150 as we start climbing, the fuel consumption raises as well, we are about 700 feet higher tonight than last night.

So to summarize, the coach has started perfect today, Atlanta was a breeze, still to darn hot, hit 83 again today, planning some side trips for tomorrow, Masters Tournament coverage by ESPN was terrible as usual, will be in Tennessee tomorrow stayed tuned.

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