Well that’s closer to our normal, 126 miles from the Georgia / Tennessee boarder on I-75 to a Cracker Barrel at Kodak TN where we unhooked and took a little day trip, can you say moonshine tastings!

We hit the road shortly after nine and parked before noon, four days in and still haven’t made it to Butch and Betty’s second day stop somewhere in Kentucky. After we unhooked had a bite to eat (don’t want to drink moonshine on an empty stomach), and headed south thru Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg the home of Ole Smokie moonshine and whiskey, unknown to us there was a huge car show in Pigeon Forge so traffic was heavy and slow, then on to the Smokey Mountain Parkway and Gatlinburg, beautiful drive, we have found spring the leaves bursting and all the blossoms.

Tasting, well 25 tastings later, a purchase of 12 bottles of whiskey and moonshine, I think it’s going to be one hell of a summer, even got a bottle of moonshine pickles, can you say gourmet hot dog topping, as well many good sipping options, but what a quick buzz, some of these moonshines were 120 proof, and we had lunch first!

Continuing on the tastings theme, a stop at Harry & David’s for some Smokey Onion Pepper Relish and a few Salsas, can you say cream cheese relish dip? All in all a great day, I don’t know as it would be a do over but well worth the adventure, can’t imagine a weekend there, would be a total zoo!

Ok on the solar front 131 amp/hrs yesterday, batteries down to 82%, a long evening with more than 7 hrs of TV. It’s another sunny day today so should be good day again, have the 12 volt fan running this afternoon as we watch the opening round of the Masters. Will decide this evening whether to back track to I-75 or continue on to I-81 and I-77 up through West Virginia.

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