Happy Friday

Well happy Friday everyone, yesterday was a great solar day, 137 amp/hrs produced this morning batteries at 87%, had a great day in Gatlinburg and still got back for me to watch three hours of the Masters coverage.

Still hot here in Tennessee was mid 80’s yesterday and only dropped to high sixties overnight, weather is looking a little suspect for the next few days so we have to make a decision as to how far we push today. We are going to head for West Virginia and north through Pittsburg and up I-79 so how far we cover today. Beckley West Virginia is 234 miles, up through Rocky Gap or hunt for a overnight near Wytheville Virginia which is 161 miles.

Well it is 1 o’clock and we are parked in the Beckley rest area for the evening, so a four hour drive to day through the mountains, highest elevation today was 3250 feet and we are at about 2350 here now. Just put the dish up to watch round two of The Masters.

It has been an overcast day so good for driving, no good for solar so we will see quite a difference in the morning readings, this is where the lithium battery bank come in to its own with more usable power, that extra 30% of battery is huge to carry us through a couple of cloudy days. The rain looks like it is coming this afternoon and overnight so another day I didn’t have to drive in the rain although a number of insects did commit suicide on the windshield today.

So a quick check tells me we are less than 500 miles (800 kilometres) to our next park in Stoney Creek Ontario. So it appears we may cross the boarder a day or two earlier that we had anticipated, and that’s ok there are a number of places we can boon-dock for a night or two and it would give us a couple extra days to visit and tie up some loose ends.

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