Here is the toughest thing we deal with, trying to stay connected, this is tough in all campgrounds, but even more difficult when on the road traveling. Our Verizon hot spot has been good for us but it expired a couple of days ago and here at the Beckley rest stop we have little to no cell service so we are unconnected.

Being Canadian full timers and spending so much time in the USA everything is very complicated. The cellular provider we use in Canada is Rogers, actually terrible service but for southern Ontario they are probably the best, we have two phones, Laurie’s I-pad, and a Rogers Rocket Hub hot spot. When we started our travels in the States our provider then had a program called “Roam like Home” cost was $5 per day per phone for a total of 10 days for each phone, for a total of $100 extra per month an ok deal to get all the features we had at home including 20 gig of data, now the cost is $7 per day, per phone, for 15 days for a total of $210 extra per month NOT a good deal so we changed our process. We used Roam cellular for our America provider this year, two American phone numbers, unlimited calling and text in US/Canada and 6 gigs of data per phone per month. Six months cost me $550 for both phones, a much better deal! Coverage has been responsible on the east coast, we will so out west next winter.

I know enough ranting for a Saturday morning, had an uneventful night, other than the regular truck noise, if we got rain it was light as it didn’t wake me. On the solar production, better than I expected 103 amp/hrs. We had originally thought we would stay here a second night but because of the poor cellular service we will push further up the road and try to find us a Walmart off of I-79 and spend the night.

It’s Saturday afternoon and we are settled into a Walmart parking lot just off of I-79 in Whitehall West Virginia, and I have a satellite signal for round three of the Masters. Only 144 miles today nice bright day, some high cloud but should be a pretty good solar day, we fueled this morning $140 to fill we are coming down from the mountains so elevation is around 1200 feet. We will get through the Pittsburg area tomorrow which will avoid the weekday traffic.

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