As we are on the last few days of our trek north, we are greeted by 34 (1c) and snow flurries…yesterday was a mixed bag of weather, the solar system only brought in 88 amp/hrs and with the temperature dropping to just above freezing I started the heater to maintain temperature in the basement and to heat the coach as we got down to 55 (11c) which seems a little cool, with no sun in the forecast until this afternoon some generator time will be in the near future. And to add to the aggravation the refrigerator faulted again about 10:30 last night, why would run for six hours than throw the code again?

Yes that is snow on the window!

No one ever said full timing is not without its challenges, with a high for the day to be in the low 40’s the heat will be on for a day or two, and with little or no sun the batteries are in for a serious test. With high winds forecast for most of the day, we may just stay put. We have a couple of stops to make in the Lewiston before crossing the boarder and while only a couple of hours, it looks like it will be easier tomorrow with less wind and no snow. We have a number of items to take care of in the Niagara area before the Easter weekend as we need to be Lake Huron for the 23rd.

So it’s about 3 o’clock and the sun has made an appearance, the solar is gaining a little but the battery bank is still in the 70% range so even after 3 hrs of generator this morning we will probably need another couple of hours this evening, the low is forecast for 36 so heating will be required. Redid the cleaning of the orifice on the refrigerator and have restarted the unit on propane, fingers crossed.

Our plan is to hunker down for another night here in Erie PA, and make a run for the boarder tomorrow. We will fill with fuel on the reservation as the price is very attractive compared to our Canadian fuel pricing which will be a whole new rant…lol.

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