Day 3 of preparation

Well I’m resting after a long day, this afternoon we found the water leak on the north side of the park, it was about three feet deep, and surrounded by tree roots. We had to get the back hoe to get through the roots, a broken tee was the culprit, a new tee a couple of clamps and we were able to pressure test the system and now we held pressure, this was a major concern with opening day next a Friday and multiple days of rain in the forecast.

Laurie finished off the gardens, and managed to get the golf cart and trailer stuck in the mud while dumping the composting product, and got started on the clean up around the courts but it has become a larger task as there is some build up under the plastic mesh on one end so we will have to peel it up to clean the concrete under the mesh.

This morning was tree removal day, the crew came in at 8am and took down about 10 trees, and cleaned up the biggest pieces and ran any thing smaller than 10″ in diameter through a chipper that created a truck full of wood chips. My morning was raking all the little branches from the five lots involved, the dropped trees were partially dead so many branches just shattered when they fell causing a major clean up. There will be more clean up at these lots in the next few days.

Miss Laurie has been working on preparing the camp store, cleaning fridges, stocking shelves, pricing products, just waiting for the happy campers to arrive. Booking appointments to tour the units that are for sale, and showing the last sites available for this season. We have many new trailers coming in this year, so should be a busy few weeks as everyone will want to be in before our first holiday weekend which is our Victoria Day which is one week before the Memorial Day weekend.

I will try to be better on the blog for day 4 of preparation, this should have been a day of photos but we were so busy I just didn’t get any taken…no excuses I will get better.

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