Trick or Treat Day or Labour Day?

It seems that Santa was just here a couple of weeks ago, I have noticed that the events have no particular order here at camp run-a-muck on the shore of Lake Huron, but today was trick or treat day at Lake Huron Resort. All the kids had costumes, a lot of the sites had decorations and of course handed out lots of goodies for the children.

This weekend, the last long weekend of the summer has been a busy one with a band in the community center on Saturday evening, Halloween celebrations on Sunday, and all the kids heading off to school on Tuesday morning. We had about 60 – 70 kids by the coach for trick or treat night, there was a large crowd at the concert on Saturday evening, and the store/office has been busy with people signing contracts for the 2020 season as well as many extra visitors for the last long weekend.

Now we are told the park will become very quiet with only a few of the regulars during the week, and as kids start the school season so do many of the winter sports, on the weekends so even the weekends should be much quieter. A quick look at the calendar tells me we are down to about 53 days to go, and now I thinking where did the time go? The pool heater has been shut off only the solar will be on, the pool will only open on the weekends as weather permits, the nights are cooling off, with single digit temperatures less than a week away. The coach has been a little chilly in the mornings already, I think I’m going to have to dig the heater out shortly.

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