Just happen to be in the area?

Well this story started on Saturday, the day with all the shots for my birthday celebration, the day before all of my self inflicted pain, and to our delight it is still going strong five days later. So just to recap, I’m three quarters in the bag (some would say nine tenths), tossing back Birthday shots, and Robert and Susan just casually drive into the park totally unannounced, so to say Laurie and I were caught off guard would be a major understatement.

So in reality they did not just venture all the way from Newfoundland to help me celebrate my birthday, but had to return to Ontario for some warranty work on their new “B”van, and decided to stop by to surprise us, well mission accomplished, they actually didn’t realize it was my birthday until just moments before pulling in. Now if you have been reading my blogs for a while Robert and Susan were featured back near the end of May when they came to Ontario to pick up their new rig. And then ventured to Lake Huron Resort to spend a few days with us before heading back east.

Back in May they had flown to Ontario to take ownership of the new camper, so were only able to bring what would fit on the plane in their luggage, so the camper was quite empty and they had a very limited supply of everything , so after returning to Newfoundland to load and stock their rig, they are so much better equipped this trip, but are even still battling with what fits best where and what we really need to have on board and what can we live without, They are full timers so this summer has been that learning process, and that balancing act where you battle between wants, and needs.

Their rig is a 22′ Pleasure Way wide body on a Mercedes diesel chassis, it is small enough to fit in most parking lots (about the same length as a big pick-up truck) so their maneuverability it pretty amazing, this trip has multiple missions, as mentioned some warranty repairs, visiting friends and family, Robert is a Detroit Red Wing fan so they have a couple of pre season hockey games planned in Detroit, and he has a couple of upgrades ordered that they are picking up before heading back to Nova Scotia to house sit for the winter.

So we are honoured to be on their list of friends to receive a visit, so with our couple of days off we have been playing tour guide for some of the local sites, breweries, shopping, some meals out, and of course some time at our beaches so Miss Susan can collect some beach glass, And throw in a few of the Lake Huron Resorts famous sunsets, a long with some great home cooked meals, in fact tonight is Thursday evening and Susan is preparing us an authentic Jigs Dinner peas pudding and all.

It was decided that because of the great weather, that they would spend a couple more days with us before heading off Friday to take in the hockey games. So today I got Robert helping me do my midweek pump outs, he drove the tractor as I worked the hose, he also helped me repair some of the baskets of rocks along the beach walk. So we have had lots of time for some enlightening conversation, catching up on adventures, and the discussion of upcoming travel plans and adventures. As always there were long sad faces as they headed off but we have come to learn it just makes our next encounter even sweeter….

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