American Phones

Unlike most Canadian travellers that  head south for a few weeks and have some coverage outside of Canada, with their mobile carriers, as full timers, spending about five month in the southern part of the United States on the “Roam like Home” plans offered by Canadian carriers are cost prohibitive. So we find it necessary to step up to a carrier that is more economical, last year we used a company called Roam Mobility, they are a Canadian based company that has purchased access to cellular service (T Mobile) in the States. We used them last year in Florida and have reasonably good service (all though where we were located in our park all service was spotty at best) and I just purchased coverage for this winter and hope the service in Arizona will be good as well.

Pricing is very reasonable, a three to six month snowbird plan includes unlimited texting and calling between Canada and the United States, it also gives 8 gig of data  at 4G and unlimited at 2G per month for $49.95/month. You purchase the whole plan up front so our two phones for six months cost just under $600 Canadian plus sales tax. Our U.S. phone plan starts November 1st 2019 and runs through May 1st 2020, we are able to maintain the same phone numbers that we used last year, and through the magic of call forwarding anyone calling our Canadian phones will be transferred to the U.S. phone once the plan is in effect. We may not cross on the first of November but the five month plan would not cover all our away time. Roam Mobility use the T-Mobile cellular towers and like any of the big carriers in the States, they all have gaps in their coverage.

I will keep every one updated as this year unfolds, and we see the extent of the coverage, but fingers crossed we hope the coverage is good, in the desert…lol. I will also be renewing our Verizon hot spot once we cross the boarder to give us our internet connectivity as we head south.

2 thoughts on “American Phones

  1. The service in Quartzsite is excellent. This is my third year in a row with Roam.
    My only criticism of Roam is how they allocate the high speed data. I got the deal on right now for 8gb per month. The reality however is that they give you the data all up front. so what I actually have is 48 gb data all together not 8gb per month for 6 months.


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