How can I shave some watts today?

160 Watts

Because we want to be able to live off grid most of the winter, we are always looking for ways to draw less power. We had a decorative light bar over the bathroom vanity that works on 120 volts, it had four 40 watt bulbs and was on a dimmer switch, so whether dimmed or on full they always draw about 160 watts.

18 Watts

My solution four decorative LED bulbs with a solid state dimmer so now our total draw is less than 20 watts the four bulbs are 18 watts 4.5 watts each. LED bulbs can be expensive to purchase but it is still cheaper than buying amp/hours of battery power and as I get ready to do my load assessment for the battery bank upgrade every 100 watts I can reduce makes the total required amp/hours less.

When planning for months of boondocking in the desert, every item that is used, needs its power consumption to be tracked as it makes a difference at the end…now I’m the one who uses this light bar the most and mainly while shaving, so not a long period of time but still ever 10 minute of draw adds up. The photos above show the difference, and it is hard to believe the difference is over 140 watts…can you see the difference?

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