CLOSED for the Season

To day is October the 14th, closing day at LHR (Lake Huron Resort) and I kind of have mixed feelings, as I look back to April, it seemed like such a daunting job Miss Laurie had signed us up for. But now it doesn’t seem like it has been that long, it has been a busy season, but one with very few issues, and everyone has made us feel welcome and many have stopped to thank us for our help. I personally think that everyone had some anxiety over new managers, I know we had some over meeting everyone and what expectations they would have of us as the new managers. But with a very few exceptions, it has been a very welcoming group, and over all there have been very few concerns that we have had to deal with.

As we watch the last few guests leave, the park has changed from the happily little pieces of paradise that everyone created, to a sea of different coloured tarps, each one housing a guests little piece of paradise, carefully bundled up till next spring when it will emerge and come back to life. There are a couple of trailers being removed today, to be taken away for winter storage, some will return as larger, newer, shinny trailers in the spring, but most are being winterized and closed up for the winter, the slides all pulled in, all the cords and hoses disconnected and stowed away. The smell of Bounce dryer sheets and Irish Spring soap hang in the air with the occasional whiff of cloves, as these are the tried and true rodent deterrents that are used when closing the trailers for the season.

For us it is like the end of a very long work week, it’s like you can see the weekend, and all we have to do is tidy up our work space to be able to hit the time clock and punch out for the season. Miss Laurie is starting to scout out spots to see, things to do, and make plan for visits with family and friends as we start the next leg of this adventure. We have not planned any winter jobs, we are just going to be on vacation, a kicked back, book reading, rock painting, cocktail enjoying, do nothing if you want, kind of vacation!

As it appears we are running ahead of schedule in winterizing, and putting the park to bed for the winter, so now I will try to move up a couple of doctor appointments so that we will be clear to head south a little earlier if we want, we both need new glasses so we are hoping to bounce that one up a few days to have time to get our new glass prescriptions filled. This is our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend so a number of guests left yesterday, to be able to attend dinners with family, and I know especially this year we are missing our time with Shelly and Robert, who are going through a tough time with the sudden passing of Shelly’s mother last week, our thoughts and prayers are with them even if we are not.

This will be the last honey wagon run for 2019! Not a task I will really miss but it wasn’t that bad, and as stupid as it may sound, I will kind of miss the time with Richard, abusing each other for being too slow or just getting to know each other better. I mean seriously there is nothing like being on the end of a sewer hose to bring out those revealing traits of ones character, a plugged hose to check ones tolerance, and a good whiff occasionally to check out ones mental stamina, it’s like any job, it is as good or as bad as you make it. We have to dump every seven to ten days on average with our coach so if you travel in an RV it just becomes part of every day life, not a good part or a bad part, just a part that has to be done, and if you want pressure try pulling into a dump station line at Quartzsite with ten rigs behind you, all wishing you would hurry up, now that’s pressure…lol

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