Day 753

Well our little sabbatical tucked away on B-18 at Maple Grove is coming to an end, today is fill the fresh water tank and pack it up day, as we will be on the road tomorrow morning heading to Bob and Irena’s. Look out Niagara Region here we come, although we have a cold night ahead of us with the temperatures dipping to below the freezing mark. We have been invited to an evening of drinks and appetizers with Richard and Bonnie & Cheryl and Rich, and hear about their planned adventures and escapes for the winter season.

Although we are only minutes from Cambridge or Hamilton the cellular service has been poor at best so working has been near impossible with our internet being done through a cellular hub. So we are missing the internet service that Lake Huron Resort offered although we are able to get one over the air television channel (CHCH). I would have reinstated the satellite but we were tucked in behind some cedars so I didn’t even try, next week when we are closer to the boarder I will reinstate the service from Dish Network.

Miss Laurie was going through the freezer yesterday to see what we have to use up before getting to the boarder, that whole can’t take meat across the boarder thing, we are in pretty good shape as we have been trying to use up as much as possible. I know the chilli last night was outstanding, and we have left overs. Yesterday I have tried another possible solution to the sun shade issue, and as we hit the road tomorrow we will see if it is a viable solution.

The staff at Maple grove have been working hard to clean up the debris left from the buildings that were torn down the other day, the amount of garbage left by some people is truly amazing. The buildings them selves were either falling down or designed to withstand hurricanes…some of what I seen was pretty unbelievable in more ways than you could imagine wiring and plumbing that was way beyond questionable…just saying