Day 752

So today is a preparation day, finishing some of the projects that I have already started, and doing some research of solutions to a few ongoing issues. Our plan is to move onto Beamsville on the weekend, we will spend the weekend with Bob and Irena mooching a spot on their drive way before landing at Gino’s body shop in St. Catharines on Monday. Next week will be very hectic as we go to all our appointments, get our final visits with friends and family before heading south, and will control the actual day we cross the boarder, the temperatures are all over the map this morning at 7am it is 53F or 12C but by Friday night it drops to 30F or -1C with most of next weeks overnight temperatures being just above the freezing mark so south is looking better everyday.

This week has not been the best for staying on schedule, and as we are scrambling to get back on track, some items will be pushed off till later and others will just have be shortened to fit our revised timeline. The first thing that we actually have booked for the trip south is on November 24th in Arizona, a spot for a week to catch up from the next month of moving and boondocking as we meander our way to Arizona. This is what we try to do as we move along, just finding a spot with hookups as required to dump, refill, and catch up, this can be a day or two depending on what the area has to offer. The Arizona stop is thanks to a coupon sent to us from other full timing couple, a week of full hook ups for $99, which really means about $125 after all the extras and tax. But still a bargain for a week with full hookups, looks like a pretty nice place with pickle ball and golf on site…we will post a review.

The Washer/Dryer drain vent

Well I managed to change the dry vent on the back of the washer/dryer today, of course the most difficult to get at, and meant that I had to partially pull the unit out which has very little clearance. We are hoping this makes a difference when we get back onto the road and are traveling, at least I have had a chance to check it out and I believe I should be able to make a deeper “P” trap if I need to but it would involve full removal of the washer/dryer.


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