Day 751 A catch up day

Well this is day 751 of full time living in our coach, and as we have always said this is life style choice not just an extended vacation, and all the regular things that home owners deal with so do we, whether it is a light switch, a bulb, or just cleaning the windows. The difference is that our home is driven down the road, someone once said it is like your home being hit by a earthquake of a 5 magnitude every time we move. So we all need these days, the days when you just try to catch up on all the shyt life throws at you, so it as a laundry day for Miss Laurie, and project day for me, finishing the cabinet latch adjustments, replacing a couple of dry vents on the plumbing system.

Because I don’t have all the answers, to all the things that happen, I again today went to the Beaver Ambassador Club forum with my odour issue, as I said I have replaced two dry vents, the one in the gallery which is plumbed into the grey tank, and the washroom sink that is plumbed into the black tank. I doubt if either had failed as the odour seems to originate in the washroom area, and I suspect it may be coming from the drain on the washer / dryer, we had not used the washer/dryer for a number of months and I think the water may just evaporate out of the “P” trap over time, allowing the grey tank to vent into the coach. If this is the case I may be able to put a deeper trap in the system to hold more water between uses, as the washer/dryer will not get used while boondocking in the desert.

Another project are the sun shades on the windshield, as they will not stay in position when we are moving, and with the size of the windshields it will be nice in sunny Arizona. Not just sure what the repair is but I’m sure I will be able to correct the issue with a little time, the issue is that I just can’t tighten the adjustment enough to hold in place so I just have to figure out how to increase the tension.

And the day held a little entertainment as well, there are a number of illegal structures at the park, these are buildings the people just built on to or over their travel trailers, there in not a municipal in Ontario that would allow this, and nothing is built to code making them both a fire and health hazard. So the crew at the park was tearing some of them down today. This was quite entertaining until they broke a hydraulic line on the back-hoe and showered all the spectators with a shower of hydraulic oil…Laurie hold the wash…as I managed to get caught up in the hydraulic shower as well.

Just as a foot note the consensus on the forum is that the water in the washer/dryer drain trap just evaporates over time, allowing the venting of the grey tank back into the vent, so I’m off to find a solution for a permanent fix, as there has to be one…right.

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