@ Maple Grove Resort

Yes we are getting closer to the Niagara area, we will be there soon, but for a few days we have settled into our sister park, located just east of Cambridge. This park is in a transition period right now, with some great plans for the near future. This is actually the park we applied to for our work camping position at this spring, and although it would have been closer to family and friends I am pretty sure the Lake Huron Resort was the better choice. So Monday afternoon we made our way here, we only traveled 55 miles (88 Kms) after a great visit with Rob and Dianne, always great to catch up and thanks again for letting us mooch dock on the driveway.

Today is Tuesday the 22nd and our older cat has quit eating, at 23 years old which is over a 100 in cat years his health has been failing, Miss Laurie sat up all night with him to comfort and assist him. But it was just his time to leave us, he is already missed and will be for a long time to come, I have already posted our memories under Mr. Divot.

Mr. Sam I Am supervising the latch adjustment!
Mr. Sam I Am approved!

There are a number of items that I need to repair inside the coach as we prepare for the trip south, starting with adjusting many cabinet latches, there are a few missing parts that I will need to be chasing down to complete the repairs. We also get a grey tank odour at times when moving, so I will need to address that as well, my preliminary thoughts are a defective dry vent, or possibly a dry “P” trap on the back of the washer dryer. I have some trim to reinstall after a major door latch adjustment, and I am trying to plan and design a cabinet to replace our dinette, this one has so many moving parts it is making my head hurt. A quick rundown of what we are trying to accomplish, a desk area for me to work at, storage for some appliances (bread maker for one), it needs to house a litter box, storage for larger items, redirect the heat duct, relocating propane sensor, electrical outlet, as well as USB charging station. Hence the slow process because we would like it to blend and match what we have now. Hoping to start this particular project in Niagara where more of my tools are.

There will not be a review of the park as it is almost shut down for the season, in fact we were not even expecting a water connection, but it is still  flowing on for now, so it’s just a few days to catch up, on a number of things and maybe Miss Laurie will take some photos for the Facebook page as the fall colours are at or just past their peak.

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