Back on the road

Sunday was a moving day we left Lake Huron Resort, but before we left there was a long list of things that needed to be checked, after sitting for six months. After a stop at the dump station to empty the holding tanks, we hooked up the towed, checked lights and tires pressures, and found one of the inside duels was down about 20 PSI, and the cause appeared to be a valve stem extension. I don’t know just how it got damaged, but it did and by doing our regular pressure checks it was caught before it could become an issue. Now the tires on the towed are always low, miserable slow leaks that take a month to trigger the low pressure warning system on the Sport-Trac, if the tires didn’t look so good and have so much tread left, I would just replace them…but I’m Scotish.

So we hit the road an hour or so latter than what I had planned, and the drive to Woodstock was uneventful, Thunder performed well and the roads were reasonably good just a few bad railroad crossings but nothing serious, and the fuel level was just under three quarters so we headed straight down the secondary roads to a fuel stop just outside Woodstock, where my sister Heather picked us up to visit my brother Scott on his 55th birthday. So just a quick stop for best wishes and some cake, a little catch up and we were off to a mooch docking spot with water and electric. And we were out of water so it was a no brainer…and the reason we were out of water? Well when the park got shut off, we lost our water supply so a week of regular use, a couple of showers and we were out, we just aren’t totally back in boondocking mode just yet.

Rob and Dianne were kind enough to offer us a flat drive way with a water connection and an electrical connection, so it was like a no brainer, and as a bonus it included dinner and of course a few cocktails. When you are driving a forty foot coach, big enough driveways to hold us are few and far between, but most greatly appreciated. So we only travelled about 100 miles (160 kms) and our fuel stop was for 168 litres of diesel at a cost of $200 dollars, but we had not fueled since April and the boiler did run a fair bit in the spring to keep us warm and the water hot, and it is what it is the cost of living this life style has some expenses that sound expensive but they are just different than most people have like utility bills every month…the same but different.

Getting back on the road just feels right, I have missed the nomadic lifestyle and getting back into it will take a while to adjust to, navy style showers, needing to turn the pump on to have water, it all comes back but maybe not quickly enough as shown by only going a week on a tank of water. Miss Laurie thinks she found our missing water, the dump valve on the fresh water tank has leaked on and off for some time, and as we are preparing to spend time in the desert it seemed like the right time to replace that valve. So we are on the road again this afternoon heading to Puslinch for a few days, visiting and preparing.

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