Elizabethtown KY

I slept in this morning it is 6:30 and the outside temperature is 46ºF or 7ºC, yesterday we only travelled 113 miles (182 kms), solar produced 146 amp/hours, the batteries are at 12.5 volts and 87% and only 54 amp/hours from full. These are numbers that make boondockers very happy, but I did run the generator for an hour before going to bed last night just to give the batteries a chance, the coach is at 60ºF this morning and I only heard the boiler kick on a couple of times and that was most likely just to maintain hot water. We fueled for $2.769 per gallon (best diesel price so far) about twenty miles ago, and pulled into the cracker barrel yesterday evening at about 5:30 there are 12 RV parking spots (we are the only RV in the lot) but we had to disconnect the towed as our total length was just too much.

The drive across the Blue Grass Parkway was a great drive through the rolling hills of Kentucky, the road was in good condition, much just having been resurfaced, but the hills were gradual enough that Thunder would usually make the crests without any need to downshift, only issue was it we were a little late in the day and the sun was right in our eyes (the sun shade issue is not resolved yet) as we are still getting used to the time change and we will change again today from eastern to central. The weather looks good for today with the temperatures falling near freezing tonight, so we are just trying to decide on our route to Memphis as that is where we are planning on crossing the Mississippi on I 40, but I’m also looking at this cold (artic blast) spell coming from the north west that has overnight temperatures under the freezing mark. Not what we like to hear although day time temps are reasonable with quite a bit of sun, this is something we will have to monitor, we can survive the nights if we can recharge with some sun the next day, again its all about the battery power to get us through the nights.

 We toured the Brewery/Distillery yesterday and while their bourbon was not bad at all I think what I most enjoyed was their barrel beers, they take their Irish Red beer and age it in Bourbon barrels, which adds so much to the flavour and the one that really got me was their vanilla barrel selection that had vanilla beans added to the beer in the bourbon barrels. the aroma and the flavour combination was very nice, in fact a few of them found their way to the coach.

Day 764