Elevation…7200 ft

See what happens to your chip bags at higher altitudes, every chip bag, cat food bag, just about any sealed bag will blow up like a balloon. Well we are not really at 7200 feet although we were at one point today before Albuquerque, we are only at 6000 ft tonight is Sunday night and we have checked into Dancing Eagle RV park, full hookups for a whopping $17.02 per night, but a 28 day maximum. We are packed in like sardines but we are just here one night, as we are off to Arizona on Monday , we are 108 miles to the state line and a total of 300 miles to Flagstaff. We have some stops tomorrow in Arizona that we missed two years ago the petrified forest, and some some corner in Winslow Arizona, that needs a picture of Miss Laurie in her eagles concert shirt. As usual we have been pushed by cold weather to our winter destination, we may weather permitting spend some time in the Flagstaff area.

It’s Monday morning and we are on the road to the petrified forest in Arizona, it is part of the National Park system, the painted desert, and the petrified wood. We got hooked up and were headed west by 10am the cold weather is just about one hundred miles to the east of us. We arrived at the park welcome centre at 12:30 and after a little orientation video we started in on what turned into a whole afternoon adventure, what we found so amazing was the that these logs turned to stone and this process started some where between 210 and 280 million years ago and all the different colours in the painted desert are from the same time frame, pictures just don’t do any of this justice.

We got back to Thunder at about 4:30, and reattached the towed and headed west to Winslow Arizona, we are in the Flying J truck stop for the night, we got here at sunset, so too late to tour the area, we will tackle that adventure tomorrow morning then off to a casino parking lot near Flagstaff which is only an hour west of us.