The Grand Canyon

Wednesday morning finds us tucked into the RV parking lot at Twin Eagles Casino, we got here at 11:00 yesterday, unhooked, and headed off to the Grand Canyon, we visited the Grand Canyon a number of years ago, we did a day trip from Vegas in triple degree temperatures…not one of our smartest decisions…just saying. So to be only an hour and a half away it was a no brainer to make another visit, so after unhooking we were off to the big hole, we got there at around one o’clock and spent a number of hours on the bus system that runs you along the south rim of the canyon, we only walked a little more than a mile but on that walk encountered four elk, three cows and one youge bull, as they climed up and walked accross the walkway to move onto better pastures on the other side of the path. Now as I have stated multiple times Miss Laurie is the photographer, so to see the pictures you have to go to our face book page the address is shown below, I’m the one that writes about the adventures, the Facebook page is private so you will have to ask to join.

Tuesday was a good solar day with 160 amp/hours of power were brought in, we are parked on an angle to get the best use of the sun, without tilting our panels so because of our short drive on Tuesday only 40 miles (60 kms) the battery bank did not get fully charged yesterday, but I expect to get close again today as there is nothing but sun forecast today. Today we are headed to the Sedona area, its is located just south of Flagstaff, and is claimed to be a must see area so we are off today to investigate the area.


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