A Sunny Saturday

Saturday morning at 7 o’clock and the temperature in the desert is 53 or 10 degrees, no need for furnace here…forecast is sunny and 81 or 25 degrees, in fact that is the forecast for the next few days, they are hoping for a rain event here mid week and that will push the temperatures down into the low sixties, it is like watching our weather people preparing for a snow event, the best chance for rain is on Thursday and it has a 70% chance, what will happen is this low pressure will bring in some cooler temperatures for a few days and some cloud cover which while not good for solar will be a little better for doing things.

I have been trying to support small breweries, I have become very complacent with the big brewers, and enjoy the tastes and inventive nature of small batch brews. So there are a couple in the area, so I thought I would go to the brewery and learn about the brews, the profile of the beer, so when I arrived in most cases the brewery will give a description of the flavour profile of the different products, I seen nothing anywhere so I asked the server behind the bar, and quite seriously she had no idea what I was asking for, so I just took a variety six pack paid almost double what I could have purchased six of their beers in the grocery store. Maybe it was her first day, or maybe she just didn’t give a hoot, but seriously not a very good representation or introduction to your brewery. I have six different beers in the cooler and plan on sampling some later today.

Ok let’s just touch on the solar thing quickly, yesterdays report may have got a little wordy, we brought in over 240 amp/hours from all panels, we reached 100% batteries by mid day, which is all I can hope for, we have not added any power from the generator, but if we were going to need any furnace time we would have to as this morning our bank is at 75% and 12.2 volts and 110 amp/hours from full. With the short days, and with our power load for five plus hours at night, we just need more batteries to allow the life style we want to live, come on Black Friday! We know what we want, just need to have them sent to a spot we are going settle in for a few weeks, the debate is how many?

We had the Host stop by yesterday to register us into the BLM area and give us our departure date, according to Host Dan we need to vacate by the 29th of November, that works out fine as we have a booked site for the 24th near Phoenix with full hook ups for a week before we head to Why for the month of December. That is where I will install the new battery bank so we are better equipped for our January which has us boondocking for at least a month, may also purchase a new inverter to improve our power level.

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