It’s a sad and happy Sunday

Moving day, everyone is hitting the road today, going in every direction other than North. The Flagstaff area got lots of snow when we got our last rain storm, in fact the freeze altitude dropped to 4000 feet so Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Winslow, all the spots we just visited got snow many well over a foot or twenty centimetres, yes this is were the altitude of a location makes such a huge difference.

I’m sure there will be tears today, our little group is breaking up, again I feel so blessed to have made such good friends, and I feel so lucky to have met everyone, sitting down to enjoy a meal, playing what ever activity the group has decided on just feels comfortable, there are no awkward breaks in conversation, everyone gets jabbed or teased a little. Everyone has many of the same interests, we are all full timers, a lot of our concerns are the same, you don’t feel like the odd person in the group. I think it was Miss Karen that said over dinner last night that everyone just settled into this new park like we had been here before, it is obviously easier when you have friends with you, as they help provide that comfort zone, there is no urgency to met your neighbors, or get involved in park events…I think it is safe to say this gathering just felt right, it was like we had just been together last month or a few days ago…just saying.

Packing up, becomes just like any regular event, you develop a system, of doing and rechecking every task as it done. There is no right or wrong to most of it, but as we do it with repetition it is just what needs to be done. I have seen all kinds of different check lists, but most don’t work for everyone, and a lot of times even my process changes because of equipment we had out, the weather, or whether we are doing a last minute load of laundry like this morning, these all adjust your packing up process. And this morning will not be any different, oh it will be emotionally harder, as we part ways, but we are already planning our next opportunity to get back together. So it is a difficult day as we say goodbye to the Bannon’s and Savino’s we are looking ahead and forward to seeing many people we said goodbye to almost two years ago, the first winter of our full timing adventure.

It was a core group of people that we met at a little park in a little village just 30 miles north of the Mexican border that changed our lives, they became the first members of our ever growing RV family. I remember like it was yesterday Miss Cindy inviting us to happy hour at the park almost before we stopped moving, and that was when we realized that this was the right life direction for us. It was here that I realized it didn’t matter where you were from, whether you live in a million dollar Prevost motor home or a small tag along trailer, we were all just living our best lives, and meeting people from all the different walks of life, different areas of the map we call home, we all had this adventure bug in common.

Day 788