Cyber Monday

Well happy Cyber Monday, I have been up early making a few purchases, my first purchase was some new Berkey filters for our water filter, got a great deal more than a 30% discount usually ten percent is the best I can normally get. And the deal that makes me really smile was able to snag some Battleborn lithium GC2 batteries at a greatly discounted price, they are blemished but I believe beauty is more than skin deep, these cuties have full warranty, and are fully functional…now just have to wait for them to arrive.

We arrived early afternoon yesterday at Sonoran Skies Campground to a warm welcome from the owner Miss Joyce. We have not stayed here before as this campground was not operational two years ago, in fact it was two years ago that Joyce purchased this property while she was visiting the next door campground at the same time as us. So far there are only six sites as she has been fighting red tape since taking over the park. The joy of small town politics, it just so happens the campground next door is owned by the local water utility, the little village has a population under 200, and some people think they are much more important than they really are, it really is a case of bullying, and this involves someone’s ability to make a living, just wrong in so many ways but I will go there later on.

We will visit next door today as that is where most of the folks we came here to visit are, Joyce had a happy hour last night with a fire, so we got to meet a couple of of the campers in this park, and a few ventured over from our old park. I can see Miss Laurie being busy helping with some of the gardening during our stay, I have lots of things that I need to address while I’m here, with temperatures in the high sixties (high teens) it will be perfect for some maintenance. And I have some new batteries that will have to be installed and the solar reprogrammed for lithium, as well as adjusting the charger on the inverter.

Now I just play the waiting game, I expect items to start arriving tomorrow morning, and then there will be no end to the items to install or repair in the next few weeks. I found a number of items that we need at some great pricing. So the Black Friday items will be the first to arrive and the cyber Monday items will be a week or so, getting items on the road are difficult unless you are settled into a park that will except packages or we have them sent general delivery to a local post office, which works but is not the most desirable, so this month will be hard on the credit card as I gather lots of item…just saying

Day 789