Monday Reset

Well I have failed! So I’m starting all over with this whole battery upgrade…this is probably what I should have done in the first place, so by the time we are done we will have all 600 amp/hours of power and a 3000 watt pure sine inverter operational. I will update the install shortly with more details…last week seemed very long and difficult, it was kind of like trying to put a square plug in a round hole, and I can confirm it just doesn’t work…being a graduate from the school of hard knocks…just saying.

Sunday was a bit of a slack off day for me, after admitting defeat with the temporary battery install on Saturday, a quick disassemble of the battery configuration and moving everything to the basement, positioning, mounting the inverter, making a parts list, and a little time on Amazon and every thing is on the way…

Laurie’s painting assistant!

Miss Laurie has been painting! On Saturday she had a helper that landed in the middle of her paint, of course there was a scramble to get a camera, so he was leaving by the time we got a cell phone unlocked…I know you don’t really have to unlock your phone to take a picture, but I’m old and don’t think that fast some days. Miss Laurie is not happy with her picture, but I’m thinking it’s better than most could do, and I know it’s better than anything I could do…like seriously when was the last time you took a photo and painted it.

What do you thing? Pretty talented I’m thinking!

Again we are running up on a deadline, the first of January is closing in fast, that is when we start into a period of dry camping that will give our new batteries a good test, so I need to get my butt in gear, after the batteries are finished, I have to reconfigure the basement storage which is kind of like a really big 3D jigsaw.

Day 804