December 17 2019

Woke this morning to temperatures in the thirties, and quite windy. Not a normal Arizona day…just before you laugh remember that your weather comes from the west, if we are getting cold everybody east of is in for some cold as well. Today seen the end of the battery install, I know it seems like it’s been going on for a month, but it’s only been a week. The cable to finish the inverter will be here later this week, although it is place, so the final switch over should only take an hour or so…this inverter will feed one leg of the breaker panel, so more circuits will be energized, so I reorganized some of the breakers to be on the energized side.

So we have manufactured a lot of connector cables this week, the hydraulic crimper that I purchased, back in the fall has paid for it self the last week, at $22.00 per cable and we needed 10 that length plus a number of longer cables, what the cables would have cost has more than paid for the supplies and the tools to make them…just saying

Tonight was tasty Tuesday in Ajo, so I got to escort three ladies to the event which featured shrimp or fish tacos, it was very tasty and the red sauce had some serious heat but left you wanting for a little more. This event is catered by a different chef each week, this week was put on by the same fellow that sell shrimp at the campgrounds in the area. He brings them up from Rocky Point in Mexico, the going rate is $20 for a kilogram, they are nice large shrimp.

Tomorrow’s task will be to run the wires (two LAN cables) to the control panels at the front of the coach, this is the very worse part of this task as the wires need to be fished up behind the refrigerator and through the cabinets, it will likely take all day and will involve much drilling and snaking the wires a few feet at a time, there could be a few explicit terms being thrown around, I just realized that we did not get the interface to reprogram the charging features on the new inverter so another Amazon delivery is on the way…yeah.

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