The job from hell….

Ok, I guess it could have been worse, but I’m not sure how. Let me explain, for the new battery monitor, for the new inverter controller, as well as three new 12 volt feeds for the passenger side of the coach. So a total of five wires at the start with only three making it from the basement all the way to the control panel above the co-Pilot seat. Because they need to run through the cabinets each has to be pulled separately, a new access hole needed to be drilled between two of the cabinets and multiple holes were needed to go through the floor into the basement, then from the cabinet under the fridge to behind the fridge and then back into the coach at the end of the high mount cabinets on the right side of the coach. It involved many trips in and out, keeping all the wires from tangling, and moving smoothly, so this old fart is some tired. I also need to install one of the 12 volt outlets near the co-Pilot seat as I need a good power supply for the new inverter controller, then it’s reinstall all the panels that I had to take apart to run the wires, and tidy everything back up.

First layout for control panel

This will have all the controllers in the same area, as you can see from the photo they are just mounted on a piece of cardboard for now, just wanted a chance to make sure I was happy with the positioning before creating the actual mounting board. I plan on using grey smoked plexiglass for this, and while not real expensive will take a lot of work to cut and fit everything. The system is still not operational as I’m waiting for the 8 gauge wire that will connect the actual 120 volt power to the inverter, and supply the power back to the electrical breaker panel, but somehow USPS has somehow managed to send it Cave Creek Arizona from Phoenix instead of Ajo Arizona. But hopefully they will get it back on course so that I can get this task completed.

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