Less than 10!

Well not here, not like up in Niagara Falls New York where your only going to get 9 hours 2 minutes and 2 seconds of daylight, while here in sunny Ajo Arizona we get a whopping 10 hours and 2 minutes and 17 seconds of daylight, on December 22nd.

Welcome to the days with the shortest amount of daylight of the year, yes but remember they just keeps getting longer and better from here, the winter solstice is upon us for 2019, obviously not the best solar production days, but we are closer to the sun and Arizona has less cloudy days so overall solar production is not to bad…but this is why solar panels that are mounted to be angled to increase the production because the suns orbit is so low in the southern sky.

These factors contribute to the planning in the solar world, because Niagara Falls New York gets 15 hours, 20 minutes, and 52 seconds at the summer solstice, thats over six hours more of daylight than now. And what magnifies the situation is that we need less power in the summer because of the extra daylight and warmth, so now you might start to understand the winter dilemma, less daylight to charge our batteries and the need of more power to light the night, and to operate the furnace and other creature comforts both at night and in the morning especially for us early risers.

So as we prepare to leave Why Arizona in a few days for more than a month of no hookups, we will quickly learn if my calculations are correct to make dry camping a little easier and a lot more enjoyable, there will always be a few cloudy days that reduce recharging but with the lithium a little generator time will go a lot further than it did with the lead acid batteries. So as the days start to lengthen, and we unhook for about forty days or so and aim for Quartzsite, Lake Havasu, Yuma, and eventually Lake Mead…our efforts will hopefully be proven…just saying.

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