Turkey or the lack there of…

So one of the items that are almost impossible to cook in an RV, is one that is most missed at this time of year, a roasted turkey, the ovens are just too small for cooking a whole turkey. Oh yeah you can cook a turkey breast in our convection oven if you don’t mind the noise of the fan for a couple of hours, and then the real problem is there is none of that succulent dark turkey meat associated with a turkey breast. This was one of the things that we do miss from our sticks and bricks, Miss Laurie always made a great roasted turkey, and there was always lots of dark meat for those of us that prefer the much moister dark meat over the drier white meat of a turkey breast.


Just one of the many little things that are just not easy when living full time in your RV. A few others are warming or cooking a pizza, most are just too big for our convection oven, cheese and garlic bread done under the broiler almost impossible to duplicate, just to name a couple we have became very adapt at using the barbecue to prepare lots of different items. Miss Laurie has adapted well to our life on the road, and still prepares the majority of our meals, I think that she enjoys the gas stove top more than our old electric range, and has conquered baking in the convection oven, although some adjusting of the size of items was required, there are less cookies per batch, but I can verify the taste is just as good…just saying.

One of the other challenges is fridge space, while our fridge is large for an RV, total space available is much less that we had in the house. So shopping is totally different, now we purchase smaller sizes, of pretty much everything, fresh food storage as well as frozen food are always a challenge, planning a weeks worth of meals now means a shopping list…and Miss Laurie would tell you leaving me at home is an asset. I have a tendency of impulse purchases in the grocery store either because of price or just an urge to have something that strikes my fancy at the time, this is not a good combination with a small fridge. It is also the reason I added a beverage fridge in the basement, as Miss Laurie it’s all about fridge space, or the lack there of…so having the little fridge seemed to ease the pressure a little.

2 thoughts on “Turkey or the lack there of…

  1. We had the same turkey concern but found our nu-wave will roast up to 14 lb turkeys as good as any we ever made. The nu-wave purchase was worth it just for the turkey. We also do pizzas and baking in it just like the convection. Baking has been more of a challenge using it only as an additional oven. It also requires considerable power like the convection oven and space to hide when not in use.

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