Ok already, enough with the rain, Arizona is turning green, and I’m just tired of it. We know the temperatures overnight drop off, at sunset the cold comes in, but I don’t know all this moisture, we have never seen the desert greener, oh we had heard about it, the green, the desert flowers, but we had never seen it. But we have noticed it this trip, almost every trip into the desert there is a layer of small green plants we have never seen before. The west coast has been hit by one storm after another, Southern California had road closures because of snow, and like we are day six of Winter!

Who would have guessed Goderich Ontario would have been the same temperature as Ajo Arizona this morning? Well not I! And as much as I see it is, I still don’t have to like it, I know it’s just a temporary thing, but it is a thing that I am about over with…just saying. And with only five more days in Why before we move, I have one more project that I need to tackle, I can handle the cooler temperatures but I need a little more warmth to tackle it, so maybe on the weekend as today is our last day of rain for about ten days, but we are moving on the first of January, so I’m starting to get a little squeezed for time.

So because it’s not going to be a productive day at the camp site today, so we are heading to the organ pipe Cactus national monument to see the effects of the rain on this area of the desert.

The desert is alive with plants springing to life every where…I’ve seen freshly seeded lawn that weren’t this green and lush, there is water falling down the sides of the mountains, there are little streams of water in many of the smaller washes, just to hear the sound of running water is the desert was an amazing thing. This is not the harshness that I remember from two years ago, we hiked into archway canyon, to find the green beauty that is the desert today, it is amazing how a little water makes everything thing come to life.

Yes as much as the weather has not totally cooperated today, it has made the national monument even more spectacular, by highlighting even more of its beauty, yes this was truly a day well wasted.