Near the end…

Well the end of 2019…as we close in on the end…I was going to say the decade but is it really the end of the decade, I know when I start counting I always start at one…so how is 2020 the start of a new decade, 2020 seems more like the end of the decade to me.

It is the 29th of December, yesterday I watched the end of a great run by the Ohio State Buckeye football team, I also seen LSU dominate the other semi final of this years college football season. Yes there will be sadness in the Ward household today, but all is not lost, as it was a great football game until a receiver just didn’t finish running his route, just proving again how important teamwork is and even more importantly how every persons job is in forming the perfect team. Oh it is also the season for all the bests of shows for the last year and most likely of the decade on every form of broadcast known to mankind. We also have just watched the impeachment of a US president, in a country that has never been more divided…which really amazes most of the rest of the world, so to say it has been a wild and crazy year is again an true understatement.

I mean like seriously, we are living in a world where, entertainers and athletes are treated with so much respect, but in reality they are just overpaid performers, everyone seems to care what influencers say and do, hell it is just recently when I even realized they existed, and even today I could care even less what they think or do. But I do think that it is amazing how many people actually do, there is an endless stream of useless information that is being broadcast at us continually, and most people take it as gospel. I also find it amazing how politicians don’t seem to care what lie falls out of their mouth, now I have known for years that politicians lie, and they seem to have no remorse about doing it, one will lie and two others will swear it’s true, but it still doesn’t make it true or right. And I guess what really has me down is that there are so many people that take what they are being told as fact…like seriously just because it was on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s right! I mean any dam fool can put information on the internet…look at me I do it regularly…just saying