Happy New Year!

So bring on 2020…is everyone ready?

So this is the time of year when many folks are making resolutions for the new year, me not so much…I have come to realize that I will not keep any resolution that I have made under the influence of a cocktail or two. No in reality I just want to keep on doing what we have been doing, oh let’s face it, what we are doing is what a lot of people are dreaming of doing, so it’s hard to imagine wanting much else. Oh I think we want to maybe take a few more minutes to enjoy what we already enjoy…to try to clarify, enjoy our time together even a little more, to take in more of the beauty that surrounds us, to spend more time with friends and family, to be more understanding and forgiving of stupidity, to just laugh when the preverbal shit happens in our lives…because it’s going to happen anyway.

I think maybe this year we are going to be the leader of the parade as opposed to be the ones trying to push the parade along. We always joked that when someone was driving the speed limit or a little below and there is a long line of impatience people behind, that the guy in the front was leading the parade, well that’s what we are going to be doing, slowing down a little, to smell the roses, or just enjoy the ride a little bit more. Yes as twenty twenty rolls in tonight it will find us rolling down the road again tomorrow, actually for someone who says they don’t plan ahead, we seem to have a lot of dates on our calendar for the next year, but I guess that’s just part of our whole evolution.

Our time here in Why Arizona, has brought to light a lot of things…not fore getting to take in to account that we needed an address to receive some items and a safe spot to do some major upgrades and a few repairs, we came back here to Why hoping to find what we had left two years ago…and that just did not happen. There are lots of reasons why it didn’t, but the most obvious is that things are just different, there is not just one reason they are different, no there are at least two years worth of reasons. It was our mistake and foolishness to think that everything would have been the same. Why would it have been the same? We aren’t the same, life moves on, life’s change, everyone’s health changes, it seems the only thing that didn’t change was our expectations…just saying.