January 2nd, 2020

Here is what I have learnt so far in 2020. Number one the first of the month is not a good time to go to a Verizon store…apparently all the new plan options are announced at the beginning of the month and every old grey haired fart was lined up to do a plan upgrade. Of course I was one of those old grey haired farts in the line up as well and I was able to get double the data on my monthly data plan as well but it was a hour of my life that is just gone…like seriously. The second thing I have learned today, and it’s not even noon, is that the UPS stores aren’t real good at fixing UPS created screw ups, you may remember that I received a wrong item back in December, and that our UPS driver was to bring a return label for, but he didn’t for any one of a plethora of reasons way too long and tedious to even start to get into. So today I went to a UPS store to try to just get a replacement label and drop the package off, let me just say that none of that took place, even though I had a tracking number, apparently that could not take place. And now even though I had just blogged about how I was going to try to be more tolerant of Stupid…here it is noon on the 2nd of January and I have failed in my quest to be more tolerant 😦 So after a long call telephone call with John C. at Amazon customer relations, and after John C. had assured me that they were able to email me a copy of the UPS shipping label, the same label that UPS said could not be copied….

Well it appears that John C. has been unable to to fulfill his promise, as the email I just received has again not got me the elusive shipping label, since I still have not received a shipping label and the package is to be returned by the 6th of January here we go again…so for my sixth attempt to return the item that they shipped to me by mistake, I have decided to attempt another email…and my new approach is to basically just ask for the return address so I can just fill out a new shipping label, that way I can pick a courier that is maybe just a little more helpful than UPS, we will see…so right now it looks as if this saga will obviously have to be continued.

Update…I may have touched a nerve…maybe…just saying.

My email to Amazon at 12:22
Amazon response at 12:44

So I’m just going to declare January the 2nd as a successful day with a small victory after a couple hours of frustration. So just a quick update, batteries are doing a great job, handling over night, solar is is bringing in over twenty amps of power at mid day of which about half is going to recharge the bank. Miss Laurie has came down with a cold 🥶, so she is self medicating with over the counter drugs, the temperature in Yuma is a nice at 70 or 21 degrees, with full sun, the BLM land is about as crowded as we expected but other than some rail and road noise it is a great spot to spend a few days.

BLM boondocking at its finest

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