January 10th 2020

Well I really wanted to show you something flying today, and this was the best I could come up with. Apparently when the flags are stretched out like this, hot air balloons don’t even try to fly. Ascension a word I was not familiar with, but apparently that’s what hot air balloons do, they do not launch as I had previously incorrectly stated. See you are never too old to learn something. And if a bunch of balloons are going up at once it’s called a mass ascension…who knew

So it is Friday at the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival and there is lots of things going on, balloons in the air just happens not to be one of them…there is a continuous flow of entertainers on the main stage. There are lots of venders selling all kinds of crafts, pain relief, souvenirs, and such. There are food venders selling everything that you didn’t even know you wanted to eat. There is a midway with rides and entertainment for kids, but none of these were intriguing enough to draw us out on a windy day, with folding chairs blowing around outside, we just stayed tucked away in the coach today…our hopes are riding on tomorrow, it looks like a great day as long as the wind co-operates, so maybe I can get a picture of a balloon in the air!

On a more somber note:

Imagine that a Ukrainian commercial jet shot down by Iran defence missiles with 178 passengers, 63 Canadians, and apparently it was scientifically impossible that it could have been done by Iran, but as amazing as it my sound they have been able to pick up tons of the shot down jet and clean up the whole debris field in just a little more than 24 hours, so that no one can do a proper investigation? Now that is the part that I maybe would have said that part was impossible, and as President Trump said someone may have made a mistake…no shyt…kind of like poking a hornets nest…so the death toll starts to add up from this first poke. If anyone thinks this is over, I have some swamp land for sale, you see some of these leaders don’t care about who they kill, and anyone from a different tribe is fair game. And now that Russia’s President Putin has said it wasn’t Iran, I almost was expecting a theory after a statement like that, but it’s pretty hard to argue with the actual real facts. Just waiting for the statement from Iran tomorrow as to what caused the crash…they are so much more efficient than any other countries crash analysts…just saying

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