January 20th 2020

It’s Monday morning at 7:54 and the sun has just hit the solar panels, it’s a mild 48 or 9 degrees this morning, and while we are discharging at a rate of 16 amps this should start to turn around over the next hour or so. The forecast for the day while in the mid 70’s will be cloudy as a new storm is hitting the Pacific coast, while there is no precipitation in the forecast, high cloud will temper our solar harvest.

We will be adding to our solar array, with the addition of two more panels, Matt at Continues Resources has 210 watt panels on at the show for $190 and this will bring our total array to 1.1 kilowatts which is the maximum that our controllers can handle, so this week will see us adding some new panels. I just need to track down a couple of tilt mounts, and some wire connectors, and a battery cut off switch.

Well the high cloud turned into just heavy cloud, so while the solar started to carry the load of the coach, we were not replenishing our barrel bank, so it turned into a generator day, and the forecast now has a cloudy day for Tuesday with rain as well. So I have started to upgrade the puck lamps in the coach, Miss Laurie has never been a fan of the brass / gold trimmed lighting so now we have frosted glass, and I have to admit it is an improvement to the appearance as well as the lighting. The original lamps had halogen bulbs which I switched out to leds, which reduced both the draw and the lumens, so these are a much nicer lamp both on and off.

The original puck lights with the led installed.

The new lamps with the frosted glass covers.

You can even see in the daylight how much more light is hitting the window valence, and the puck lamps in the ceiling almost disappear into the headliner. We are pretty much captured from visiting, or getting out, until the windows are reinstalled, hopefully Wednesday morning then we will go and visit with friends at La Possa south, and head back to the tent for a few items.