January 18th 2020

Quartzsite Big Tent Day!

We had the last group breakfast with the other members of the rally, this morning was kind of a combination of some of the leftovers from the other mornings…with French toast, scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, and fruit. Pretty good spread for the last day, at least the two plates I had were good, we have met a lot of great people, and I think this is an event that we would take in again.

Mmmmm mmmm good

Today at 9 o’clock the big tent opens to the public, and today will be the craziest of the whole nine or ten days, I hope to get there but it will be late afternoon after the masses have left. We are going to the last breakfast of the rally, this will be the left over day, as I suspect the excess of each day will be warmed and served. Hoping for some more ham this morning personally, but I’m sure there will be plenty.

The BIG tent

We had a failure of a 350 amp battery switch on Thursday, I was able to remove it from the circuit and get us back up and running, the connections seemed to be tight so I’m not sure what caused the failure. But with a rating of a continuous 350 amps and a 1000 amp monetary rating I’m definitely not pleased. The failure took place after a generator run time of a little over an hour to recharge batteries, but the amperage was only running around the 125 amp range. This is one of the reasons for a trip to the big tent today, tomorrow we will go over to the LTVA to dump before our pass expires, but I expect to stay in the Roadrunner BLM area for the upcoming week, there will be lots of the Beaver Group sticking around for a while.

The big tent will hold some deals, it will also hold a lot of junk, knowing your prices before making any purchases is a necessity. I have dealt with a number of the companies that will be represented at the tent so it won’t be as overwhelming as it was two years ago, but I’m sure there will be lots of pain management, and slice and dice hawkers there as well.

This has been our first rally, and we have enjoyed it, it has been educational, very informative, as you get a chance to learn from other owners problems over the years, many here have had their coaches for years some since new, so the depth of knowledge is great. I can see us trying to fit this into our schedule in the upcoming years.

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