January 17th 2020

Beaver Rally Day 4

Well as lovely as it was to have breakfast pushed back an hour this morning till 9am, we are having our windshield replaced this morning at 8 o’clock, we have had a stone chip for a while and as Miss Laurie will tell you it’s perfectly in her line of sight so it’s just time to get it taken care of.

Well the crowd out for breakfast was larger this morning and I must admit it was a lot warmer at 9 than it has been at 8, that extra hour of sunshine made a big difference, pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage patties, as well as fruit were this mornings menu, of course 9 o’clock was when the glass people showed up as well, so my breakfast was a little chopped up, but still hit the spot.

The only seminar was an open discussion with a group of experienced beaver owners, some with twenty years and multiple coaches of experience. The topics were all over the map, and as much as there was not a lot that I was not aware of, there were a few tidbits that I will file away in the back of the cranium for future reference. The discussion went well into the noon hour because it all had to be pushed back for the latter breakfast.

There was a baseball rematch this afternoon, as the ladies were pretty sure they wanted a rematch, and in true beaver style the game that was brought out was totally different than the one played earlier in the week, I didn’t get a chance to play in the first match, but I found time for the second one and again the men were victorious over the ladies…

The beanbag had to land fully inside the square

The evenings fire had us being serenaded by some karaoke, let’s just say some were better than others.

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