January 16th 2020

Beaver Rally Day 3

Ok I agree 8am is too early, it’s 38 degrees and I can see my breath, but the whole coffee thing is drawing everyone out, breakfast this morning is biscuits and gravy, with scrambled eggs, and some juice. Everything was good but there was a breeze making the chill seem just a little cooler.

Today’s morning seminar was on general coach maintenance, and some things to look out for, a few phone numbers, for specific items and or some guidance for repairs. I was pleased to find out most issues I have run across that I had found the same names such as the Amish in Indiana for our cooling unit in our refrigerator. But there were some tips that will come in very handy.

Our afternoon seminar was put on by FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) it is an organization that offers a number of different programs and discounts. While it offers a number of benefits, these are very limited in value for Canadians, and with everything else costs are driving up prices. There road side assistance is doubling in price and at $150 a year in US dollars is not a good value for us, and while a large organization, I think they are struggling to prove their value, having just recently opening up to all forms of RV’s not just coaches.

This afternoons beaver games were beaver races with paramutual wagering on the outcomes, we were assured it was all above board with Arizona’s gambling regulations…but I’m a little suspect.

There has been a breeze all day and while in the seventies, the breeze has been cool when out of the sun, there is a storm heading across the country and we had some cloud today but that was all. Dinner tonight was the taco stew, served with taco chips, salad and desert, while very good was more the consistency of soup than stew, again with the breeze and the cool night we retired to the warmth of the coach. The announcement this evening was that breakfast would be pushed back to 9am from the regular 8 o’clock, see it pays to complain.

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