January 15th 2020

Beaver Rally Day 2

Day 2 of the rally was our day to help with meal preparation, so at 7am I’m off to try to help, breakfast this morning consists of French toast, scrambled eggs, ham, served with coffee, and fruit. Because there is only four rally days, there are four work crews, of about twenty five which other than a few key players at cook stations there was a lot of us just being spectators. Breakfast seemed to go off well although there were a few complaints about the 8am mess call, keeping in mind in the desert at sunrise the temperature is high thirty’s low forty’s.

Today was diesel Dave’s seminar, a lot of the Beaver coach’s have Caterpillar diesels, Dave is a factory trained technician that worked up until recently, but retired at age 69 and now just presents informational seminars of a few things to keep our Cat power plants running well. He also still maintains his diagnostic equipment and offers to do diagnostic readings and make any recommendations. So I had Thunder checked out and found only one small issue with an idle control that showed up last time about 300 hours ago, the diagnostic print out has a plethora of information, but all in all we are in great shape and averaging over 8.5 mpg which is pretty good.

Interesting page of report

The afternoon seminar was about the BAC (Beaver Ambasador Club) forum, this was the main reason for our joining the club, was to be able to draw on the knowledge of others that had already experienced many of the issues that we were running across. I have mentioned before that it seemed to be of good value in locations issues.

Wednesday brought on a men against ladies base ball match, it is played using a board similar to cornhole only with multiple holes, it was a nine inning game and the men did come out victorious, so rumours have indicated a rematch on Friday afternoon.

Miss Laurie trying for a home run

Our evening meal was beef stew with biscuits, which brought on the conclusion of our teams duties, deserts were plentiful and we found ourselves heading off to the comforts of our coach after a busy day and passed on the fire side with music

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