January 14th 2020

Beaver Rally Day 1

First disclaimer…our spot out in Roadrunner allows us no Verizon data coverage so we are working off our Roam cell phone data.

Our first day at the rally, had us involved in our registration, the expectations are for over 50 coaches which means about 100 people. Each coach has paid an entry fee and was given a list of items to provide to the “rally masters”. The items were one dozen eggs, two gallons of water, an armful of firewood, that much was the same for everyone, then there was multiple items that individuals were asked to Provide as well, enough salad and desert for eight on our team day, as well as other items for something called Taco Stew. The group gets together for breakfast and dinner everyday, there is a happy hour, as well as a campfire each evening with Lamar.

Day one of the rally is mainly just getting to meet our new neighbours, there was a period between one and three for the actual rally registration. And then from four till six was an evening of appetizers as everyone has brought tables and chairs to form an area where all our meals will be served. At dusk a couple of large campfires were starter, and a movie was shown fittingly – Robin Williams in The RV.

There is a schedule of event going on for the whole rally, with guest speakers, and workshops going on, filled in between by the Beaver games, which has different events on each day.

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