January 13th 2020

Quartzsite bound….

It’s Monday and it is a moving day, the extra day at Lake Havasu State Park has seen a number of rigs leave and we had an extra sunset with the beautiful view across the lake to California. While the lot has opened up a little bit more, but there are still lots of rigs to move out today. Our day will be reasonably easy with only about fifty miles or so to cover, we need to refuel Thunder, we need to refill the coach propane tank, dump and refill storage tanks, shopping for the rally and to restock for Quartzsite. So to get the most out of what we have, as we finished refilling the propane, we fired the generator and Miss Laurie did a load of laundry as we moved down the road to the dump station and sat in line waiting to dump. Our timing was just about perfect with the washer being in the final rinse as I went to empty the tanks.

As Miss Laurie and I are still feeling the effects of this cold that just seems to be hanging on, we have not been the most active people around. Mr. generator was still here so it wasn’t a real quiet night and he has it running already this morning, it will be another sunny day in Arizona, we are starting in the low 40’s this morning but should be near 70 by afternoon, there will be lots of stop and go today, with lots of preparation for a week on BLM.

We made it! We are checked in to the Roadrunner BLM about five miles south of Quartzsite, at the Beaver Rally. We got here about 3 o’clock this afternoon, we are almost set up, I still have to get on the roof, to tip the solar panels to get a better harvest, again our angle is not perfect for solar but should be reasonable. Our first impression is good, everyone seams friendly, and we are parked reasonably close to most of the action. I suspect the next couple of days should be very interesting and educational

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