January 12th 2020

Last Day of Balloon Festival

And there was mass ascension! This is what we have waited all week for, and realistically it was pretty great, worth the wait? Ya I think so…

Sunday morning, it’s a crisp 42 or 5 degrees, it will be another beautiful sunny day, here in Lake Havasu on the lake, the event Facebook page is showing the mass ascension this morning but they showed that for yesterday as well. But this is the day it actually happened I counted over fifty balloons in the sky this morning and Miss Laurie got the good photos, mine are poor at best. Today is the last day of the festival and the only thing I know for sure is that the fool directly behind me will run his Champion generator all day. Now we have ran our generator more than usual, but only once a day to make up for what the solar can not cover.

We are not heading out until tomorrow, we expect a lot of our neighbours will move today (we hope the generator guy leaves), we have a great view of the lake and some marvellous sunsets so I just figure there will be less traffic on Monday for our big move to the Quartzsite area. I think we are a little disappointed with out Balloon Festival experience, don’t get me wrong we totally understand so much of the event is controlled by the weather. It’s not an event that will make it back to our itinerary unless it was with a group, there is just too much time between festival events, sitting in the cold, drinking five dollar cans of beer, listening to mediocre country bands are just not our thing. A group would help fill in the gaps and there are lots of things in the area to check out.

Tomorrow we head south back down AZ-95 to the craziness that is Quartzsite, we have to do a little shopping first…you see we have a shopping list from the organizers of the Beaver Rally in Quartzsite, it is a four day rally with planned meals for breakfast and dinner, we are on team 2, to assist in meal preparations for Wednesday it is not an extensive list but there will be over fifty Beaver Coaches, which means there should be around 100 people for each meal, so it is a little bigger than it may sound st first. Our shopping list consists of simple items, 2 gallons of water, 2 red onions, Grands biscuits, 1 med picata, enough salad with dressing for eight, and a desert for eight as well, something to grill on the last night and last but not least an arm full of firewood.

Looking forward to our next adventure…stay tuned

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